How Much Does It Cost To Join The Toy Library?

There are three types of membership. All of them cost less per week than a fancy cup of coffee and you can borrow up to 7 different toys every couple of weeks. More on that in our “toy” section.

Rostered Duty Membership

$101.00 per 12 months (open time) with 4 check-in duties
$61.00 for 6 months (open time) with 2 check-in duties
You will be required to help during a session once every
3 months for 2 hours and support our fundraising activities. You are required to swap with another person or member if you are unable to attend your duty. ($8 discount for Community Services Card per 6 months)

Non-Helper Membership

$168 non-rostered for 12 months (open time)
$95 non-rostered for 6 months (open time)
You are not required to assist the Toy Library at all but you will be asked to support our fundraising activities.
($8 discount for Community Services Card per 6 months)

Monthly Pay As You Go Membership

$18 per month (or part thereof)
This membership option suits grandparents, people who have family visiting for short periods of time or people borrowing toys for parties.
If toys have not been returned by the expiry date of this monthly membership, the renewal fee of $17 will be due at the time of toy return for the next month (or part thereof).