How does it work?

Membership entitlement:
4x toys, 2x puzzles, 1x dress-up for 2 week loan.
We also have some parenting books available, free of charge.

DVDs are available at a cost of $2 per item.

When you hire toys, you will be given a receipt which lists the toys and their due date.
Please bring this with you when returning toys as it makes the check-in process quicker and easier.

Below you can view our toy selection. To view toys, just filter the category in the left most box and then hover over the “view toy” button.
If you are a member, you can reserve toys (at $2 per toy) after you have logged into our member section.

Caring for the toys:

  • Please check all toys borrowed against the parts listed on the receipt upon getting home and contact the library within 24 hours should any pieces be missing or broken. If no contact is made, any pieces missing or broken on return will be charged as per our policy. Please raise any safety concerns about a toy with us (other than age appropriateness). Thanks a lot.
  • Please do not allow children to play with the bags/boxes as they are for transportation to/from the Toy Library only.
  • Please don’t leave ride-ons, bikes, etc outside in the sun, bad weather or overnight.
  • Check “bitsy” / multiple item toys regularly as it is easier for your child to help you find something if it was played with recently.
  • Please let us know if anything is broken or if you have any safety concerns about a toy.
  • Sort out and check toys by label description or receipt before returning toys. Remember the boxes, plastic bags, instructions that you may have put away safely.
  • Please return items clean and tidy, in the condition you would like to receive them.
  • Toys returned with items missing (including bag/containers and instructions) will be reissued to you to take home and look for the missing item.  If after this two-week period a member is unable to locate the item, a non-refundable fine will be charged.  
  • Please consider replacing damaged toys and containers, or missing pieces with items of equal value. The Toy Library Coordinator must approve this first.
  • All toys remain the property of the Taranaki Toy Library Trust. Please do not exchange Library toys with friends even if they are Toy Library members.